I am a PhD candidate of Korean history at UCLA (My CV). My research explores various exchanges between the DPRK and the USSR in the Cold War period. I draw on the approaches and insight of environmental history, history of technology, and intellectual history. I try to base my work on archival and primary sources, which is not always easy in North Korean studies.

The topics I would like to cover include, but are not limited to, how postwar countries had navigated in the global competition between profit and plan, how postwar countries had viewed, interpreted, and tinkered with human subjects as well as nonhuman objects, and what impact global peripheries (Second- and Third-World countries) had brought in shaping both the Cold War and the post-Cold War globes. Researching history of North Korea, I expect, will contribute to addressing the above issues.


Point of contact: dhwoo1234[at]gmail[dot]com