The Cold War in the 1980s

Recently, I began to watch an American drama. The Americans, a fiction on the Soviet spies living and conducting espionage in the US in the early 1980s. Plot is good, albeit employing a popular concept of spy, and the characters are vividly expressing themselves according to their given roles. In grey and grim scenes, the story unfolds under the Reagan administration. There is nor hope neither love in the life of spies, and I would definitely recommend this kind of job for those bored of everything. Game of Thrones is also fascinating, but I prefer this Cold War series to a medieval fantasy.

Meanwhile, I came to ask myself of some related questions after I saw the drama. What was the Cold War? Was it really nothing but a war, or was it just cold? As I want to study the North Korean history in a context of the Cold War in the 1950s, I would shed light on the subject. One thing for sure is: in most cases, a spy is good-looking. This was already elucidated in Jonathan Haslam’s book on a history of the Soviet Intelligence (2015). Well, I can give that.

Author: Donghyun Woo

В Лос-Анжелес

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