In the spring semester 2016, I audit the Russian History seminar conducted by Dr. Jo in the Department of Western History, Seoul National University. Every Tuesday seven future-scholars gather and discuss about various, multi-layered aspects of Stalinism, or the Stalinist period from 1928 to 1953, drawing on literature and researches written largely in English. At first, I wanted to attend this class with a sense of enthusiasm, but as things around me unfolded I could not stick to my original plan.

To make matters worse, I have to take the Korean History Evaluation Test this coming Saturday and virtually no preparation was made. Also I am supposed to take the GRE test in next Sunday. In September I am going to present at the Joint East Asian Conference in SOAS, University of London and any types of grant will not probably be rendered because I am nor a professor neither a phd-holder. What should I do? I just feel sorry for being a Korean Moondori, a Korean term for humanist whom you will fail to find within 20 years.

Author: Donghyun Woo

В Лос-Анжелес

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