Easy thing that is not easy

In the course of our lives, we must encounter something that we can not handle in a proper manner. For me, that is the standardized English test such as TOEFL and GRE. I had thought that my command of English was not that bad until recently. But after I got poor results from those tests, I found out that I was wrong. Of course, one can say that getting good scores from those tests does not necessarily mean you are good at English. But I can’t fully agree with the statement in that s/he would get good scores if s/he excels in English. My last GRE test was a bit disappointing. I thought I would get easily more than 4 in writing section. Alas, the reality was more harsher than I had expected. One point went down in Verbal section, ten points disappeared in Quant (I got 170 in Quant in the first test). I don’t know. My scheduled test is the 11th November. I know I have some, or more, problems in my English. There must be issues waiting to be solved, of which I am not aware. As well, speaking section of the TOEFL test is what usually terrorise me since I have never been in English-only environment for more than one month. These days, many South Korean mid- and high school kids have really good commands of English. For them, tests are just pieces of sweet cake. For me, it tastes like at best bittersweet, actually bitter in most cases, cake that you won’t want to purchase whatsoever.

Author: Donghyun Woo

В Лос-Анжелес

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