Uncertain Way

I very much look forward to this Summer for two reasons: a) I am going to visit Moscow for preliminary archival works; b) I will have a good deal of time to produce a mini-prospectus. In order to write a good piece, different dimensions must be considered. No one would disagree with that one of these aspects is the contents of a dissertation.

I wonder how I could frame my contents because there is a concrete lack of primary sources for certain topics. I really don’t know at this point. However, I am thinking of dividing them into two big chunks; each deal with 1945-1953 and 1954-1961. In addition, I am not totally sure what kinds of research questions and topics I could raise for those parts.

That hitherto overlooked topics should be introduced to the English-language academia does not necessarily mean I have proper primary sources. Fortunately, since last September, I have been able to garner some primary sources that were kept in the US. The prospective is not bright, but I am sure that such places as Russia, China, Germany, Australia, and by extension, North Korea, would surely facilitate my research. For better or for worse, I am going forward, and only forward.

Author: Donghyun Woo

В Лос-Анжелес

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