UCSD-UCLA Graduate Workshop

On 12 Dec 2018, I presented my work regarding the Korean People’s Army’s nuclear defense at UCSD-UCLA Korean History Graduate Workshop. It was such a great pleasure of mine to have a reunion with my friends and colleagues at UCSD. My discussant was Prof. David Fedman (UCI). I was fortunate enough to receive a good deal of insightful comments from him after presenting. All of eight presenters participated in; six of them focus on South Korean history. After the workshop ended, we had awesome dinner at a sushi restaurant. Having the second round at friend’s home was also fun.

And La Jolla Shores beach in the chilly morning of the following day immediately captured my soul. I decided that I would return here just for appreciating marvelous scenes of San Diego. Only forward.




Nov 1, 2017

What Prof. Duncan said during today’s seminar struck a deep chord with me.

“What we write is provisional.”

Then he emphasized to think of one’s positionality, to be constantly self-reflective. I attempt to juxtapose my favorite open with what he said. A quote from Jodi Dean.

“Writing is solitary. Thinking is collective.”

And one more from Karl Marx.

“… the point, however, is to change it.”